We love startups

Sledge Dev specializes in deliver amazing mobile app development talent that has a proven track record with startups. We can seamlessly integrate into your team and help launch your new business.

Let us help you reduce the risk

We know what’s at stake. You took the dive to build something amazing and your butt is on the line. The last thing you need is to worry about new hires not having the ability or commitment to get your project finished. Competition for top tier developers makes it hard to attract talent which leaves you with less than optimal candidates and a long hiring process.

Proven track record with startups

Over the years we have the opportunity to work with some amazing startups as one of their first team members. We were able to lead their mobile development and set a foundation of clean, reliable code that helped launch their companies.

Two of the companies we were most proud to work with is Zugata and Roomi. In both situations we were the first mobile developer that helped form and launch the MVP. We were able to integrate into their teams and build a scaleable and solid foundation that helped launch their successful startup. Both the companies were able to use the app we helped build to raise money and successfully close series A and B funding rounds in the multi millions.

Freelance vs Internal Hire

We might be a little biased but we think the choice is clear for start ups. I think one of the main reasons why we work so well with startups is the close parallel to freelancing. We have to perform at a really high level otherwise we get cut. There is no room for mediocrity or complacency, we are always striving for excellence and learning new things.

In addition to always striving to be the best and deliver value every day we offer a risk free limited trial period. If you aren’t 100% satisfied there is no expense to you. We are so sure in our ability we are putting our money where our mouth is.

Supplement existing team

We also specialize in joining existing start up teams. If you are having problems getting in the app store or want to get there faster we are an excellent choice. We have proven results integrating and getting up to speed as soon as possible.

Long term partnerships

So what happens once we launch you app? We love having a long term relationships and our clients know they can rely on us to fix any bugs or create new features. Flexible billing allows start ups to focus on growth once the MVP is deployed and know they have a trusted source to create new features, help hire new team members, fix bugs, jump on investor calls or even provide leadership through an interim CTO type position.

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