Company Overview

Tripcents is changing the way you save, budget and book for travel! Stop saying next year and start saving today for the trips you’ve always wanted to go on. Within the app, users will streamline the entire process – from dreaming, to saving, to searching, to booking. Travelers automatically receive a detailed flight and hotel budget, build a travel fund, invite friends to follow and save along-side their planned trips, and receive personalized trip recommendations for easy booking.

Understanding a new generation

Millennials are a unique audience and Tripcents works hard to understands the new dynamics of what this audience appreciates and values. Everything that Tripcents does is to better serve its users and create value while helping people achinve their travel dreams.

Non Technicle Founders with a solid vision

Technology Used:

  • interim CTO
  • Banking software
  • Travel APIs
  • Sabre
  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Build automation
  • Git Hub
  • Rest API
  • Fastlane
  • Crashylitcs

Turning their vision into a reality

Tripcents founds had a clear vision on what problem they wanted to fix. They had no idea if it was possible and what they would be able to achieve in their MVP. We were able to jump into the team and act as an interim CTO.

Gathering requirements and planning functionality

Once on the team we were able to gather all the user requirements. From there we were able to create user stories and flush out what features would be present in the MVP. Having full stack knowledge and experience building out dozens of app start to finish we were able to accurately project a timeline and help whittle down functionality to best serve their users.

Presenting multiple options and technologies

Since the founders were non technical they relied heavily on us to recommend which technologies would be best utilized to complete the app. Since the app relies on travel and bank technologies is was especially important for them to utilize our expertise to reduce the risk of using a platform that wouldn’t be able to achieve their requirements, scaling, as well as handling new features in the future. We are super proud to have laid the foundation for their successful launch, while deliver value and peace of mind to company’s founder.

Interviews and hiring

We also were able to screen candidates and help them hire an awesome team of developers that we capable of quickly building out the app and able to handle all the architecture decisions that were recommended. Hiring is the most important and company killing task for start ups and we were able to successfully build their team.

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