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We can build anything and we can build it for you

A mark of a good CTO is that they never say “that’s impossible” or “we’d never do that.” Instead, we find options and can communicate them to everyone in the company. If the CEO wants to completely change the product in order to serve a new customer segment, you need someone in the room who can digest the needs of the new (proposed) business, and lay out the costs of each possible approach.

Working with founders and CEO’s is one of the most rewarding jobs we have had. Their vision and focus to have their company succeed is what pushes us to help them realize their dreams. Whatever app or product they envision we know there is a way to build it and make it happen.

What we can offer

Barrett has worked as a senior level developer and team lead in addition to tech leads, and interim CTO for numerous companies around the world. He knows what commitment it takes to turn ideas into a profitable application. Here is what we can offer you:

  • Working out the product roadmap
  • Deciding who the first technical hires should be
  • Planning how the engineering culture could look
  • Helping with the hiring process (including for a full time CTO)
  • Putting good development practices into the business from the get go
  • Analysing the technical landscape and the current toolsets being used
  • Turning tech talk into English when speaking to investors
  • Using my network to help the business wherever I can

Build your remote team

With todays development and management tools remote teams are more productive while at the same time allowing for less stressful work environments for team members. It also allows you to reach into a global workforce instead of completing from a small pool of talented local developers and managers.

When building a new company your first couple of hires can really make or break your business. If you hire the wrong developer that doesn’t have the technical, or communication skills you will waist an enormous amount of time and energy while compromising your teams code base and morale. With over 10 years of professional experience managing and building teams in the software industry we are able to quickly identify if potential candidates or the right fit for your growing company, which reduces your risk of hiring a bad developer.

 Our experience leading technical teams

The CTO’s main job requirements are much more than picking out which architecture, stack, and developers are right for your company. We will help provide your company with a culture that is inviting to all employees and help facilitate an open communication between the development team and the rest of the company. We can help your development team integrate into the rest of the company which helps with transparency, holds the development team accountable to reach deadlines and generally increase company morale.

Our results speak for themselves

In the last 5 years we have helped launch over a dozen businesses world wide include companies like Tripcents, Zugata, Roomi and Token Drop. Each company had a unique set of challenges facing them that allowed us to help tailer their app development process to maximize their chances of being successful.

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