Enterprise Teams

Proven results in enterprise software teams

Our goal is to provide the best software talent in the world. If you organization delivers enterprise level software we are you perfect fit. We have been delivering apps for clients all over the world in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Our talented mobile developers excel in integrating into your existing team and filling holes talent or leadership in your organization. With our proven track record we are so confident you will be satisfied that we offer a limited risk free trial. If you aren’t satisfied you don’t pay, but  we have yet to have a client request a refund.

What we can offer you

  • Top tier talent with over 10 years of professional development experience
  • Experience integrating in teams from 1 man start ups to 20 person software teams
  • The ability to wear many hats: full stack, tech support and lead roles
  • Working in your organizations time zone
  • Ability to make office visits
  • Proven track record of working remote even with established in house teams
  • Attending client and team meetings
  • Provide long term relationships

Challenging deadlines and deployments

Enterprise mobile software comes with its own set of challenges especially in regards to deployments and maintain stable code bases. Enterprise clients demand perfection and our experience has taught us how to deliver perfection by using processes that take any guess work out of code stability and automated or custom deployments. We use best practices through test driven development and utilizing automated build lanes to know that when we push out apps they work as expected 100% of the time.

We also have lots of experience creating strategies for companies to take an existing codebase and creating specialized functionality based on client by client requirements while not fragmenting the codebase. We have seen first hand the damage specialized client demands can take on a development teams resources and left unplanned can take a profitable companies clean code and turn it into a buggy unprofitable solution.

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