Build Automation

Improve Code Stability & Reduce Workload

Most organization are under tight deadlines with limited resources. They are fighting a buggy codebase, along with wasting resources manually creating / testing builds, generating screenshots, and uploading builds to Apple/Google.Teams can get caught under the vicious cycle of not having enough time or resources to get processes in place to help automate these tasks.

Turn your team into a well oiled software machine!

We have worked with teams all over the world, and have seen what has worked and what hasn’t. The only time we add extra procedures to your development process is when it is intended to save you resources and adds to your bottom line. We have proven results which allows you to leverage our experience and tailor a custom build automation process just for you. Our plan usually includes 3 main processes.

  1. Streamline your git flow:
    Out of 100 project I’ve worked on have used some form of source control, if not step 1 is getting their codebase into Git. If you team is already using source control we can take a look at the processes you have in place and help make changes that help reduce major bugs and increases team awareness of code being produced. Usually engineers tend to over complicate processes and when stressful or time sensitive issues arise best practices are tossed out the window, so simplicity, discipline and commitment to not abandoning processes are key to success and code stability.
  2. Continuous Integration
    We next take a look at what kind of code coverage your code base has. Are you utilizing unit, integration, and UI tests? Implementing test driven development always seems like a daunting task but the benefits hugely outweigh the costs when done correctly and actually save tons of money by reducing bug and time waisted spent tracking down major bugs. After we help set up best practices on your code base we can start integrating continuous integration by automatically running tests every-time a pull request is bringing step 1 back into the picture. Developers have confidence that they didn’t miss any major bugs or integration issues when all tests pass and it is ready to merge your code into production.
  3. Build Automation
    Step 3 is setting up build automation using tools like Fastlane, CircleCI, and GitHub. We are able to create a script that takes all the things we talked about in steps 1 & 2 that are time intensive and remove all the heavy lift out of your developers hands. What does this mean for you? Your tests and builds actually get run, and you just freed up precious developer resources to focus on more important work. In addition to just maintaining solid processes we can streamline submitting to the App Store, send alerts to team chat/email, send out links for TestFlight, the possibilities are endless.

Why Sledge Dev

Our experience really lends itself to this kind of a problem.  We have seen a ton of automation set ups and like any master we barrow the concepts that we like and abandon anything that is incessancy or unproductive. We can analyze your companies current situation and get you up and running in days vs weeks of internal refinement. Once in place your development team can start building upon a solid foundation and have the confidence to know when they release a build they aren’t missing any major bugs.

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