Writing amazing code from the mountains of Utah

Sledge Dev’s Founder

Sledge Dev was founded by Barrett Breshears in 2012. Barrett has over 10 years of real world enterprise experience building amazing apps for clients in 5 countries as well as all across the United States. He started his career in web development building custom websites for clients and design agencies. After a couple of years of developing websites a client asked if he would like to try out mobile development. Apple had just released the iPhone 3G and along with iOS 4.

The client was Accor North America and the app was Motel 6’s first official iOS app. The deadline was tight and the learning curve was very steep but Barrett was able to deliver an amazing app that put Motel 6 in the app store. Even though there were tons of all nighters with countless number of bug fixes, tracking memory leaks, and learning a complicated new programming language Objective-C Barrett fell in love with mobile development and has focused exclusively on mobile development since.

Our Passion

We love building apps, and helping people achieve their business dreams. After writing his first Liberty Basic hello world script Barrett was obsessed with coding and software development. With over 10 years of enterprise level software development experience it is easy to see how much he enjoys learning new things and helping people.  Other than writing code Barrett’s other passions are enjoying the outdoors, hiking, skiing, fly fishing and camping with his wife and three daughters in the mountains of Utah.

We can make everything

Since developing our fist app for Motel 6 we have been able to work with some amazing clients. Our clients are always blown away with what Sledge Dev is able to do. In a lot of the cases we are able deliver results that their team hasn’t been able to achieve. With our experience, work ethic, and talent we know there isn’t a feature or idea out there that we can’t build.

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