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Proven results with the highest industry standards.

With over 8 years  of enterprise mobile app development experience there is no project too large or small for us to handle. Our freelancers specialize in integrating into your companies customs needs.

We have experience lead and managing teams, filing specialized mobile development roles in fortune 500 software teams and even leading start ups as an interim CTO. Our experience and dedication to our clients make us an easy choice for any app related project.

What our clients say

B. Pace
Co-Founder of Tripcents, former Marine, and explorer.

We came to Barrett with just an idea for an app. We knew what we wanted to build but I didn’t have the technical knowledge to fully understand what was needed. Barrett helped us create a product backlog and roadmap to launch Tripcents. He was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a senior software engineer.

How We Work

Our philosophy for development is simplicity. We strive to build apps using best practices and clean code. What does that mean for you? A code base that is easily maintainable/scalable/expandable and allows any competent developer to jump on the project with little to no knowledge transfer.

We specialize both new application development as well as continuing development support for established apps. Our experience lets us easily get up to speed, and within hours we can be fixing bugs and implementing new features. Our freelancers specialize in:

  • Integrating into existing software teams
  • Quickly accessing code quality and bringing projects back up to industry standards
  • Implementing build automation
  • Implementing UI and unit testing to maintain build stablization

We strive to maintain our projects to the highest standards. So even if you don’t want to partner with Sledge Dev for the long term your developers have a solid foundation to build new features and maintain bug free code into the future.

Over 90% of all our clients have contracted us for over a year and a half. We love when our contracts turn into a long term partnership. We also have experience in transitioning between our freelance developers into your full time team. What does that mean for you?

  • Start lean: Let us launch your app quick and effently
  • Once your app gains traction and you are ready for an in  development team we can, ensure your team is primed for success.
  • Need help with interviews? We have experience reviewing new candidates you find and leveraging our expertise to help you not make company crippling bad hires.
  • Don’t want to have employee overhead or the hassles of HR/Benefits/PTO? We would love to be your long term solution for mobile development

Hiring the wrong developer can cripple your team and kill your dream of building the next amazing startup. We are so confident in our ability to deliver amazing code, and integrate into your team that we offer a limited 100% refund on all or freelancing contracts. This allows you to:

  • See if there are any personality conflicts between your team and the developer.
  • Ensure we deliver high quality resutls

Eliminate any doubts about Sledge Dev. Take a test drive and give us a call today.

Our Skills

IOS Development

We’ve been developing iOS apps since iOS 4 when the iPhone 3G was first released. With dozens of clients apps in the app store we have a proven track record of building cutting edge apps and even more importantly getting them approved into the app store. We specialize in both Swift and Objective-C development.

Android Development

Sledge dev has been building native Android apps in both Kotlin and Java for satisfied clients over the last two years. Our extensive iOS app development experience translated into the same quality and expertise in Android.

API Development

Quality rest api development is essential for building dependable and secure apps. We specialize in building api’s with the most current frameworks and programming languages. Have existing architecture requirements? we are fluent in most of the modern programming languages from Python, PHP, RoR, NodeJS and several others.

Build automation

Do you have an existing team in place but too busy to set up build automation? We can handle the setup and configuration while your team focuses on development. Once completed we can quickly train your developer on best practices and how to take ownership.

Development Consulting

Need an extra developer for crunch time? Worried finding new hire doesn’t have the expertise to complete your tasks? Our developers experts in their field and can quickly and efficiently fix bugs, create new features, lead teams, or even just fill a temporary developer position. With full time, part time and hourly contracts there is a solution for your company’s needs.

Interim CTO

Do you need an expert to handle the technical requirements of your organization. We have experience gathering requirements, investigating available technical options and even giving recommendations of new technical hires. If you have an idea and need someone with the expertise to implement your idea we are here for you, and know there isn’t anything we can’t build.

Pricing Tables

Our pricing

Full Time Engagement

If you need your app developed fast or are looking for a full time developer with zero risk / pain of having an employee then this option is optimal for you. We will be available 40 hours per week. The developer can attend stand up, sprint planning and other meetings and integrate into your development team. Our freelancers are super focused on results, and focus on saving your company its most valuable resource: time.

Part Time Engagement

Part time engagements offer a great opportunity for companies looking to update features in an existing app. Our expert freelancers are available up to 20 hours a week with a part time engagement and you will be blown away by what we can deliver in that amount of time. Many of our clients are shocked that we can produce so much and are turned into long term full time engagements in just a couple of weeks.

Hourly Engagements

Have a terrible experience outsourcing your app to low cost developers and need a serious bug fixed before continuing any development? An hourly engagement keeps cost low and efficiently uses time to fix a specific problem or build a feature. All hourly engagements come with an upfront estimate and a rigid set of requirements so you can rest assured there won’t be any crazy invoices.

Long Term Full Service Engagement

A lot like the Full Time Engagement the Long Term Full Service Engagement is best for founders/inventors looking for a way to get their app to market ASAP. This engagement in on a month to month commitment. We focus our developer exclusively to your app/company and build out the MVP(Minimum Viable Product) as quickly as possible. We can usually produce an MVP app from idea to app store in as little as a month. We have found delivering your app as an MVP saves you a ton of money and wasted time. You get to build out core features of your app and deliver it your audience as quickly as possible. We then gather feedback from users and shareholders and only build new features from feedback instead of creating extra features that won’t be used or are unwanted.

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